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This week’s podcast guest is Emma Cowdroy, CEO of the Australian Associated Press. There’s been a lot to say about media diversity in Australia, and in the light of Facebook banning news for a few days there – we were all held to the light of what the world looks like when there’s only one or two lenses to see through.⁠

Media diversity is so vitally important – and the Australian Associated Press is a massive part of that.⁠

The wishes of the people are communicated outside of elections through a free and independent press – and the fact that you don’t read much in the big mastheads about climate inaction is an example of how far down the hole we have fallen as a democracy. ⁠

If you can’t see it, you don’t know about it, you won’t care about it and you won’t vote based on it. ⁠

The AAP has been a part of making sure those stories are being told right across the news cycle for years now.⁠

It’s so vitally important that power is held to account.⁠ And independent journalism & independent photojournalism has never ever been more important.⁠

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