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This week’s podcast guest is Dr Helen Haines MP.

Helen is the independent MP for the Victorian seat of Indi. ⁠She started working life as a registered nurse before making a career as a midwife. ⁠She’s got a background in epidemiology, public health and holds a doctoral degree in medical science. ⁠

Helen’s story is really something else. ⁠The seat of Indi is a rural, traditionally conservative electorate, and she was elected on a platform of strong action on climate change and revitalization of democracy.⁠

Well, you know me – that’s all I like to talk about so when her people reached out to me to chat I was all over it.⁠ There’s a few gurlges and such as Wolfie was in on this one – because even though he’s ten months old, he’s got a thing for community power stations and micro-grids, and has a bit to say about participatory democracy.⁠

Enjoy the show. LISTEN HERE.