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This podcast episode is with the delightful, powerful and all-round excellent Tara Moss. ⁠
Tara is the author of 13 bestselling books and her latest book The War Widow, is a novel that explores human rights, WW2, the Holocaust, women’s roles in the war and postwar and the survival of ordinary citizens in extraordinary circumstances.⁠

In this podcast she goes into great detail about her technique of ‘method writing’ which includes being choked unconscious in the name of being able to describe that happening in a novel. ⁠

A multi-talented human, Tara wears many hats including documentary host, public speaker, human rights advocate, disabled woman and advocate for people with disabilities and chronic pain (see @taraandwolfie for more).⁠

I’ve been trying to get Tara on the podcast for years, and I’m so happy we could finally find the time, over Zoom, to make it happen. ⁠Enjoy the show. LISTEN AND SUBSCRIBE HERE.