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James Bradley is an author and a critic from Sydney Australia. He has written seven novels, the most recent is called “Ghost Species” which like his non-fiction work focuses on exploring climate change.

This episode is heavy lifting, I won’t lie. Please breathe accordingly. However, it is vital we have conversations like this about where we are with the state of our atmosphere, what is coming, and our stark lack of actual climate action – especially at a time when our government is considering massive investment into gas.

To borrow the words of my previous guest Dr Richard Dennis – Politicians don’t say no to things because they can’t afford them, they say no because they don’t want to do them.

It’s clear as day that we need to act immediately to protect ourselves from the changing climate. As I type this a tropical cyclone is hitting WA coming from a direction that cyclones don’t come from at a time of year when they don’t arrive.

How many more of these storms have to destroy lives and livelihoods before our governments take climate adaption seriously?

We have a chance in history now to rebuild our economy and protect ourselves from what we know they future will bring. The time to call / fax / email your MP is right now. If you need some tips I did a whole episode about how to talk to your elected representatives HERE.

Be kind to yourself when listening. Plan to do something nice afterwards. Let me know how you go.


Find James at cityoftongues.com and on Instagram @ghostspecies.