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You don’t accidentally have good physical health.

You don’t accidentally end up on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. Trust me on that.

Similarly – you don’t accidentally have good mental health.

Both of those things are a deliberate, habitual practice, and they both have exceptional benefits.

And just like you might go to a gym and take a class or do a workout online following along to a video, same same you do workouts in your brain but this time your shrink is the PT. Which brings me to my guest today.

Dr Russ Harris is an author and trainer in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and he’s based in Melbourne Australia.
He’s written eight books, including the best ever selling book about Acceptance and Commitment therapy, The Happiness TrapI found this book to be incredibly helpful, and the concepts within have given me freedom from the pain of anxiety that I feel most days.

We are all a cumulative result of our experiences – and everything I’ve learned has in one way or another helped me get where I am today – but Russ’ work and the work I have done with my ACT Psychologist has been transformative. But like I said – if this was a gym, they can only show me the weights, I’m the one that has to lift them if I want to get stronger.

Russ takes us through a few exercises in this conversation and has kindly given examples for me to share with you – as well as very kindly he’s giving a free copy of his Facing Covid eBook (see below). Enjoy the show.⁠ LISTEN HERE.

Links from Dr Russ Harris:
HERE are the free dropping anchor exercises mentioned in the interview;
HERE is the FACE COVID ebook; and
HERE is an animation that goes with it.