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As a nation, in the last few weeks – we have become incredibly and quickly skilled in reading graphs, understanding exponential curves, doubling rates, logarithmic scales, and indeed the dire need to keep various lines on a graph below a certain point to avert projected disaster. ⁠Well, those same graphs, curves and projections exist for global temperatures. ⁠And the predictions about what happens when various temperature curves get to certain points on the graph have not only been correct so far as evidenced by record drought, coral bleaching and bushfires, they’ve been happening way quicker than anyone expected thanks to a handy thing called a feedback loop.⁠

So now that we understand the absolute imperative of why we need to flatten the curve when it comes to pandemic infection – it’s not a big stretch to see why we need to flatten the curve on climate change. ⁠

With that in mind, a new podcast episode is out today – listen here or if you’re already subscribed to the show, it will be waiting for you in your preferred podcast app. ⁠Margaret Klein Salamon is a psychologist, author and the Founder & Executive Director of The Climate Mobilization.⁠ Her book Facing the Climate Emergency: How to Transform Yourself with Climate Truth is out now.⁠

This episode was a heavy one to record, but well worth it.⁠

Find Margaret on twitter @climatepsych and let her know you heard her on the show. Visit theclimatemobilization.org for more.⁠ Enjoy the show.⁠ LISTEN HERE.