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My podcast guest this week is Hamish Macdonald (@hamishnews) – LISTEN HERE.

Hamish is an Australian journalist, broadcaster and host of the landmark show Q+A on the ABC which is on every Monday night. ⁠

The rise in his career is nothing short of meteoric. From WIN News in Canberra to Channel 4 in the UK then Al Jazeera and CNN, Hamish has an extraordinary career history of work as a producer and reporter in some of the trickiest parts of the world to be in. ⁠

From Afghanistan to Iraq, Libya to Yemen – Hamish’s fearlessness when it comes to serving the story in the best possible way is what has lead his work. ⁠

Never one to insert his own narrative into the story – Hamish has brought some of the most grim and gripping sides of humanity to our screens for nearly 20 years, and now he’s moderating the national conversation every Monday night on our national broadcaster, the ABC. ⁠

Having recently taken over as host of the cornerstone ABC show Q+A, Hamish drives the conversation each week around the most pressing issues of our community, in a forum that puts regular Australians face to face with those in power – allowing them to ask questions directly to those who are in charge of policy, live around the country where there’s nowhere to hide. ⁠

I went on Q+A a few weeks ago and had the chance to see how Hamish operates, and I’m here to tell you – he’ll do that job until he doesn’t want to. The man is a master at his work. ⁠

And that’s because he’s humble, kind, and seems to only want to bring the humanity of each story to light. ⁠

Throughout our conversation you’ll hear me try to tease some personal side of him out – but he keeps things close to his chest, he reminds me of Daniel Day Lewis, in that his personal life isn’t public so that his public life stays about work. ⁠

If Hamish is running the national discourse – we’re going to be ok. ⁠

I’m so grateful that a man as busy as Hamish made time to chat with me. ⁠

Enjoy the show. LISTEN HERE.